A Thai Brothel That Requires You To Measure Your Dick Before You Could Enjoy One Of Their Hot Chicks

David Philander from Sarasota, Florida, is a Sex Blogger and a Craft Beer Pub owner, who can speak 7 languages – Arabic, Thai, Korean, Spanish, English, Polish and Portuguese. He teaches his Polish girlfriend Arabic every night when they are completely naked trying to have a successful tantric sex like you would see in a porn movie on xn--72czbawn3i1b1dydua6cl3b.

David is unhappy that not a single reliable sex IQ test exists anywhere in the world.

Kink shaming is not okay and should be punishable by the state.

David Philander

David thinks Pro-Choice is about who has rights over another. He writes that a person has a right not to be forced to have their body used to keep another one alive.

Art, Music, Sex and Masturbation are the purest expressions of the human soul.

David Philander

David is Pro-Life. He writes nobody has the right to kill a baby even when the baby is Adolf Hitler.

Religions need to stop telling the sexual ethics to all the genders.

David Philander

David thinks Balkan women are the most underrated hotties.

Armenian MILFs over Azerbaijani MILFs any day of the year.

David Philander

David appreciates all inventions responsible for improving sex lives of the human beings. For example, slide rule let the human males measure their dicks accurately for the very first time; printing press made the erotica widespread so easily for the very first time too. He claims before the invention of the printing press, the eroticas were mostly written by the erotica writers for the elite only.

Covid is so annoying because I remember, last January, my friend told me about NoFap and the benefits and I was like alright (I still barely know anything about NoFap besides it increases testosterone) and I was able to go for 3 months and I relapsed when quarantine started and now despite knowing way more benefits, I am still unable to go longer than 3 weeks.

I am planning on trying to be outside more, but the reason I have avoided it was because my mom is a nurse in senior living and I don’t want to give my mother any unnecessary risks but I doubt I will now.

David Philander

David travelled to Jerusalem, Jericho and Tel Aviv last year. He was really happy to see the kissing cousins (most Jews are inbred) on the streets everywhere on the Holy Land. He writes that at a Tel Aviv restaurant, he saw a lady twerking on her partner. He is really glad to see the chosen people recognizing the most favourite act of Yahweh and not feeling ashamed to pursue it in the public.