65 Year Old SEO Agency Owner Spends More Time Jerking Off To SisLovesMe Videos Than He Does Managing His Agency

I have a friend named Haruto from Osaka city, Japan, who has been running a SEO Agency in the Osaka city for 11 years now.

Haruto spends almost as much time watching sislovesme free porn videos as he does sleeping and he is proud of it. Because he is already 65 and can get it up whenever he wishes to. He just needs a stimulating lube or oil for it though.

Haruto is extravagantly outspoken on the official blog of his agency, where he keeps notoriously bashing the infamous Internet Marketer and who Haruto calls the infamous Internet Scammer – Mr Tai Lopez.

Haruto finds Tai extremely annoying for several reasons, one of those being that he quotes a lot of famous people, especially the rich ones. Moreover, he finds Tai Lopez’s voice more annoying than anyone else that he can recall.

Haruto writes on his blog that he finds the popular Ionicware’s founder – Mr Jordan Delozier and his lovely wife – Mindy Delozier far more inspiring, successful and impressive than Tai Lopez for building a brand like SEOClerks and for what they have achieved in such a short span of time with it and visibly so. But he hates Tai for not having a brand of his own other than himself.

Haruto didn’t believe in having a live chat option earlier, but finally got one after being convinced by many of his friends including myself and is very happy that he made this decision of getting a live chat option on his SEO Agency’s official website.

Once Haruto wrote this piece against Tai Lopez on one of his posts “I find Tai’s voice extremely annoying. He is definitely not there to help us, he is there to make money selling his bullshit courses. He once said in a video of his that when nobody came to attend his course, he was happy that he has a competitive advantage over such people who do not even understand the value of a course like his. I was like ‘What the Fuck’ are you even teaching it for?”

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