Amazon Denmark may supply Escorts in the future, claims a staff member of the AsianSexDiary

I wonder all the time about how much money could the Amazon Inc make, if they started pimping Japanese Nuru Masseuses. Look at the popularity of Masseuses and Incall Escorts nowadays, the AsianSexDiary receives millions of views per day, with tens of thousands of dicks being stroked to such videos every second.

After reading the above statement by me, you may be wondering that I am a Capitalist, so to your surprise, no, I am not a Capitalist, but I am rather what I call a ‘Socialist-Pleasurist’, I believe that most of the humans have been wasting their time in chasing paper money, because ultimately, the world is all going to be a Socialist world and the biggest proof are the events that have been going around the world, presently. I believe that by ‘New World Order’, Ex-President of the United States of America – George Bush Jr, meant a ‘Socialist World’, dictated by the USA alone. So, why waste your time in accumulating wealth, have all the sex that you can.

I have a weird fetish that I find women wearing anything leather to be extremely tempting, be it leather gloves or leather boots, just has to be leather. And I have this peculiar quality of being able to identify real leather or faux leather from miles away. My father or mother were never involved in the leather business and neither did any of my grandparents and I am still trying to figure it out that where did I get this ability from. Maybe, my real biological dad is not my real dad, only my mother knows.

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