Read More, Fuck Harder, especially when you are married to a voluptuous Asian

Jeffrey Lyons from Anchorage, Alaska, believes sex has no impact on the immunity of a person. He writes all the articles talking whether it reduces or increases the immunity have no idea about what they are talking about.

Jeffrey writes that he is proud of the fact that his Busty Asian wife has been getting better and wetter everyday.

Jeffrey writes life is like unprotected sex. You gotta be careful. And the insurance schemes are like condoms.

Jeffrey claims indulging in sex has been known to reduce and sometimes even eliminate suffering entirely. It all changed unfortunately, after the inventions of the Abrahamic religions.

Jeffrey writes it is a pity that most Asians don’t try to learn too much about sex until their parents arrange a marriage before them.

Jeffrey believes sex stories were the most popular types of stories in the prehistoric times.

Jeffrey writes a keeper is one who only talks about positive stuff to her man and tries to avoid all the negative stuff.

Jeffrey claims there was a time and place in ancient India where all the men would finger their wives every night instead of fucking them as they believed fucking is dangerous for mental, spiritual and physical health.

Jeffrey writes he is proud of the fact that he lost his virginity in a public washroom.

Jeffrey strongly believes that the God puts a little something extra in every latest popular fetish.

Jeffrey writes he dated several women as a teen but lost his virginity to this MILF wife of a carpenter whom he met just hours before of losing his virginity.

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