Feed your teacher cum just like your mom used to feed you when you were little

I started a sex toys and doll business on a loan last year which failed drastically. I had to file bankruptcy.

I love Israeli Jewish women so much that I have been trying to be an Israeli citizen for the past 6 years now in order to get lucky with an Israeli woman.

After decades of experience, I have come to the conclusion that one sex session produces positive hormones equal to drinking/eating 10 glasses of orange juice, 30 cups of tea, 50 cups of coffee and 5 bottles of red wine.

Like each time, my girlfriend first gives me red balls by performing sexy dance butt naked or in a sexy lingerie in front of me, then she gives me the blue balls and then finally, I erupt like a volcano.

She is one of the first few ASMR sexy MILFs on the Youtube and she is yet to achieve 500k subscribers while the losers like David Icke have a million subscribers.

I met her through the Youtube itself. Little did I know back then that she was also an escort open to all kind of stuff.

I meditate each time after having sex to focus on how I could perform even better.

I am really disappointed that the WHO (World Health Organization) doesn’t focus much on making sex lives better. I believe that if they did focus on it, they could make several diseases disappear from the face of the earth.

While I was in the college, I had more sex with the teachers there than I did with the fellow students just like you would see in a typical porn movie.

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