A Thai Brothel That Requires You To Measure Your Dick Before You Could Enjoy One Of Their Hot Chicks

David Philander from Sarasota, Florida, is a Sex Blogger and a Craft Beer Pub owner, who can speak 7 languages – Arabic, Thai, Korean, Spanish, English, Polish and Portuguese. He teaches his Polish girlfriend Arabic every night when they are completely naked trying to have a successful tantric sex like you would see in a porn movie on xn--72czbawn3i1b1dydua6cl3b.

David is unhappy that not a single reliable sex IQ test exists anywhere in the world.

Kink shaming is not okay and should be punishable by the state.

David Philander

David thinks Pro-Choice is about who has rights over another. He writes that a person has a right not to be forced to have their body used to keep another one alive.

Art, Music, Sex and Masturbation are the purest expressions of the human soul.

David Philander

David is Pro-Life. He writes nobody has the right to kill a baby even when the baby is Adolf Hitler.

Religions need to stop telling the sexual ethics to all the genders.

David Philander

David thinks Balkan women are the most underrated hotties.

Armenian MILFs over Azerbaijani MILFs any day of the year.

David Philander

David appreciates all inventions responsible for improving sex lives of the human beings. For example, slide rule let the human males measure their dicks accurately for the very first time; printing press made the erotica widespread so easily for the very first time too. He claims before the invention of the printing press, the eroticas were mostly written by the erotica writers for the elite only.

Covid is so annoying because I remember, last January, my friend told me about NoFap and the benefits and I was like alright (I still barely know anything about NoFap besides it increases testosterone) and I was able to go for 3 months and I relapsed when quarantine started and now despite knowing way more benefits, I am still unable to go longer than 3 weeks.

I am planning on trying to be outside more, but the reason I have avoided it was because my mom is a nurse in senior living and I don’t want to give my mother any unnecessary risks but I doubt I will now.

David Philander

David travelled to Jerusalem, Jericho and Tel Aviv last year. He was really happy to see the kissing cousins (most Jews are inbred) on the streets everywhere on the Holy Land. He writes that at a Tel Aviv restaurant, he saw a lady twerking on her partner. He is really glad to see the chosen people recognizing the most favourite act of Yahweh and not feeling ashamed to pursue it in the public.

Javanese Nuru Masseuse Stunners Spend Hours Chatting Naked On Snapchat After They Are Done Riding Their Clients

I am extremely happy that the population of the street whores has been seeing a continuous downfall for years now and that of the Japanese Nuru Masseuses has been increasing unbelievably. The case is not such only in the United States of America, but the whole world. I know several women that used to work as high class escorts before, are now masseuses and many of those with Japanese ethnicity, also have a few sexy videos of them on a snapchat porn account.

Myself and many of my friends seriously believe that the mainstream actresses across the world are overrated while the pornstars are extremely underrated. We all agree on what is nowadays a belief among many, and that is that the modern pornstars can act better than the so-called mainstream female actors when trained properly but the mainstream female actors can never fuck like these pornstars.

I have been experimenting with ayurvedic joint pain relief oils that they sell in India lately. I use those as lubricants and believe you me, they have cured my soft erections.

I have a politician belonging to the Green Party of the United States, who claims that Hillary Clinton had in her mind to make the prostitution all across the United States legal if she were elected and use the tax-money collected by the pimps, brothels, prostitutes, would have been used for the space programs of the USA. Before hearing this, I used to be Anti-Hillary Clinton, though a Democrat, but since then, I believe that our next President should be none other than Hillary Clinton. I would really appreciate if Hillary Clinton starts working as a pornstar herself, and that may turn to be a gamechanger for the GILF genre, indeed. We would love to see how lame as a fuck she is; She really has to be one lame fuck, otherwise Bill Clinton wouldn’t screw each and every hole that he could.

65 Year Old SEO Agency Owner Spends More Time Jerking Off To SisLovesMe Videos Than He Does Managing His Agency

I have a friend named Haruto from Osaka city, Japan, who has been running a SEO Agency in the Osaka city for 11 years now.

Haruto spends almost as much time watching sislovesme free porn videos as he does sleeping and he is proud of it. Because he is already 65 and can get it up whenever he wishes to. He just needs a stimulating lube or oil for it though.

Haruto is extravagantly outspoken on the official blog of his agency, where he keeps notoriously bashing the infamous Internet Marketer and who Haruto calls the infamous Internet Scammer – Mr Tai Lopez.

Haruto finds Tai extremely annoying for several reasons, one of those being that he quotes a lot of famous people, especially the rich ones. Moreover, he finds Tai Lopez’s voice more annoying than anyone else that he can recall.

Haruto writes on his blog that he finds the popular Ionicware’s founder – Mr Jordan Delozier and his lovely wife – Mindy Delozier far more inspiring, successful and impressive than Tai Lopez for building a brand like SEOClerks and for what they have achieved in such a short span of time with it and visibly so. But he hates Tai for not having a brand of his own other than himself.

Haruto didn’t believe in having a live chat option earlier, but finally got one after being convinced by many of his friends including myself and is very happy that he made this decision of getting a live chat option on his SEO Agency’s official website.

Once Haruto wrote this piece against Tai Lopez on one of his posts “I find Tai’s voice extremely annoying. He is definitely not there to help us, he is there to make money selling his bullshit courses. He once said in a video of his that when nobody came to attend his course, he was happy that he has a competitive advantage over such people who do not even understand the value of a course like his. I was like ‘What the Fuck’ are you even teaching it for?”

Amazon Denmark may supply Escorts in the future, claims a staff member of the AsianSexDiary

I wonder all the time about how much money could the Amazon Inc make, if they started pimping Japanese Nuru Masseuses. Look at the popularity of Masseuses and Incall Escorts nowadays, the AsianSexDiary receives millions of views per day, with tens of thousands of dicks being stroked to such videos every second.

After reading the above statement by me, you may be wondering that I am a Capitalist, so to your surprise, no, I am not a Capitalist, but I am rather what I call a ‘Socialist-Pleasurist’, I believe that most of the humans have been wasting their time in chasing paper money, because ultimately, the world is all going to be a Socialist world and the biggest proof are the events that have been going around the world, presently. I believe that by ‘New World Order’, Ex-President of the United States of America – George Bush Jr, meant a ‘Socialist World’, dictated by the USA alone. So, why waste your time in accumulating wealth, have all the sex that you can.

I have a weird fetish that I find women wearing anything leather to be extremely tempting, be it leather gloves or leather boots, just has to be leather. And I have this peculiar quality of being able to identify real leather or faux leather from miles away. My father or mother were never involved in the leather business and neither did any of my grandparents and I am still trying to figure it out that where did I get this ability from. Maybe, my real biological dad is not my real dad, only my mother knows.

Hot Eastern Orthodox Women Rubbing Their Fat Clits Live On Voyeur House TV

There are 2 identical twin Eastern Orthodox Christian sisters. One is a full-time escort, other is a pornstar. They both together bought a lottery ticket for the very first time in their life and won 10 Billion US Dollars with it. Jesus came to the dream of both the very same night, telling them that if they marry a man with one specific name, not only will their wealth multiply, but they both will also live the happiest life possible on earth and are guaranteed heaven after death. You are the man with that name, and you could only choose one of the two, which sister would you choose? Remember, both look exactly the same, equally voluptuous and beautiful, scored the same each time on their IQ tests, the only difference is that one is pornstar and the other is an escort.

Steven Pallet

Steven Pallet from Juneau, Alaska, is a Sex Blogger and Product Design Architect, who writes that those who deny watching any sort of incest porn even in a private survey, are 8 times more likely to have been involved in an incestuous relationship with a family member than those who openly admit watching incest porn at some point of their life.

Both medical science and organized religions are equally dogmatic. Anyone who denies it is being politically correct.

Steven Pallet

Steven claims to know a fat misanthropic Bangladeshi woman who spends hundreds of dollars each day to posts negative voyeur house tv review, mostly against the beautiful looking couples. She inherited millions in the Bangladeshi currency from her now dead parents and looking at the pace she is going at it, it seems as if she is going to burn all that she inherited on this evil venture of her. Steven further claims that by god’s grace, each couple that she posts negative review against, tends to get even more popular. Looking at it all, it feels as if the entire cosmos wants the people across the globe to jerk-off to the best looking people and he/she won’t let any barrier or evil powers hold the people back from it.

Automobile Engineer Believes Xhamster Live Is One Of The Ways To Achieve Eternal Happiness

People think more money will make them eternally happy, but it is not the money but food, luxury and sex that makes a person happy. Each of the 3 mentioned things can be bought using money and there is more abundance of all these everywhere than ever before but the main pity is that most people with money spend more time and energy making more money than enjoying the 3 mentioned necessities.

Naresh Jain

Naresh Jain from Seattle, Washington, is an Automobile Engineer and Sex Blogger, who believes the ROI on jerking off to the topmost cam models is far higher than having sex with your demanding girlfriend. To understand what he is trying to convey, Go to the Stream Xhamster Live.

Naresh claims to have spoken to over 100 pimps and prostitutes asking how becoming legal will benefit their business. He says they themselves don’t want the prostitution to become legal as it will invite more competition, new innovation which the existing pimps aren’t ready for , lowered down prices and many other similar factors.

Naresh claims to know a Cuban gentleman who recruits none other than Cuban hookers as maid. He offers them 25-50 times of what he would pay to regular maid just to enjoy her extra services whenever he is in the mood. He says he does it because he is too busy for the dating game, he gets an instant urge to fuck and no hooker can show up to him that fast, he doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage, also he feels shy and awkward around women that aren’t willing to fuck for money. Whenever he is not able to find a hooker maid like that, he has to completely rely on his hand, a nice lubricant and Xhamster Live Cam Models to satiate his sexual needs.

Read More, Fuck Harder, especially when you are married to a voluptuous Asian

Jeffrey Lyons from Anchorage, Alaska, believes sex has no impact on the immunity of a person. He writes all the articles talking whether it reduces or increases the immunity have no idea about what they are talking about.

Jeffrey writes that he is proud of the fact that his Busty Asian wife has been getting better and wetter everyday.

Jeffrey writes life is like unprotected sex. You gotta be careful. And the insurance schemes are like condoms.

Jeffrey claims indulging in sex has been known to reduce and sometimes even eliminate suffering entirely. It all changed unfortunately, after the inventions of the Abrahamic religions.

Jeffrey writes it is a pity that most Asians don’t try to learn too much about sex until their parents arrange a marriage before them.

Jeffrey believes sex stories were the most popular types of stories in the prehistoric times.

Jeffrey writes a keeper is one who only talks about positive stuff to her man and tries to avoid all the negative stuff.

Jeffrey claims there was a time and place in ancient India where all the men would finger their wives every night instead of fucking them as they believed fucking is dangerous for mental, spiritual and physical health.

Jeffrey writes he is proud of the fact that he lost his virginity in a public washroom.

Jeffrey strongly believes that the God puts a little something extra in every latest popular fetish.

Jeffrey writes he dated several women as a teen but lost his virginity to this MILF wife of a carpenter whom he met just hours before of losing his virginity.

Perhaps the best trait of BBWs is their ability to easily deepthroat a huge cock

Silviu Ailoaie from Reno, Nevada, believes the speed that a couple fucks at can be measured in horsepower, the scientists aren’t just trying enough. He says that the laziness of scientists in the sex niche makes him want to become a scientist.

Silviu once had sex with a woman who weighed 550 pounds. He says it was one of the best sex he ever had. He says that not only the obese women are great at receiving a big cock blowjob, they also know how to ride and cuddle you and make you feel like a man.

Silviu believes that something like an ammeter ought to be invented in order to measure the strength of sensations that a pussy or dick generates but then again, there seems to be no scientist who’s working on it.

Silviu claims to have fucked around with women belonging to different races and nationalities and according to him, women belonging to the Eurasian steppe are better fucks compared to their Ukrainian or Russian counterparts.

Silviu is also obsessed with the Iranian women. He says that he sometimes feels like moving to Tehran forever.

Silviu once dated a Filipino who was very reluctant to switching positions during sex, since then he has never dated a Filipino again. He claims the notion that Filipino women make great girlfriends is a false rumour and more awareness about the reality of how bad the Filipino women are in bed, needs to be spread if we want a sexually happy world.

Feed your teacher cum just like your mom used to feed you when you were little

I started a sex toys and doll business on a loan last year which failed drastically. I had to file bankruptcy.

I love Israeli Jewish women so much that I have been trying to be an Israeli citizen for the past 6 years now in order to get lucky with an Israeli woman.

After decades of experience, I have come to the conclusion that one sex session produces positive hormones equal to drinking/eating 10 glasses of orange juice, 30 cups of tea, 50 cups of coffee and 5 bottles of red wine.

Like each time, my girlfriend first gives me red balls by performing sexy dance butt naked or in a sexy lingerie in front of me, then she gives me the blue balls and then finally, I erupt like a volcano.

She is one of the first few ASMR sexy MILFs on the Youtube and she is yet to achieve 500k subscribers while the losers like David Icke have a million subscribers.

I met her through the Youtube itself. Little did I know back then that she was also an escort open to all kind of stuff.

I meditate each time after having sex to focus on how I could perform even better.

I am really disappointed that the WHO (World Health Organization) doesn’t focus much on making sex lives better. I believe that if they did focus on it, they could make several diseases disappear from the face of the earth.

While I was in the college, I had more sex with the teachers there than I did with the fellow students just like you would see in a typical porn movie.